Brain Development between 0 to 7 years of age

Is your Child between 0 to 6 years old??? That is the most Precious Time!!

No one really know about the importance of this period. This stage of 0 to 6 years is when the brain development is at its peak for every human being. It has been discovered that 80% of the brain development completes before the age of 7 itself by proven educationist Montessori and Glenn doman and many other renounced researchers.

So the Important question is now “How do we help our children to achieve their full potential of the brain” during this period???

In order to answer this we need to understand how a child gathers information during this age?? The main source of information is gathered from its environment using its five senses. Now as an adult we need to expose them to a prepared, structured environment where they can gather appropriate information.

Popular experts reveal that enriched environment stimulate brain development like a Montessori school environment…Such environment which is clean and equipped with appropriate educational materials will kindle the interest of the child to play with it. This intention to play can be converted into learning process by travelling along with their interest.

Now as adults we need to allow the child to have the freedom of choice, allowing them to act independant, to take responsibility and making them an active participant. This active involvement creates the movement and the information is gathered based on such movements. Hence the teacher has to facilitate the child in such a way that such movement is helpful, essential fo learning, to develop their creativity thoughts.

Therefore, Education is not what teacher teaches, it is a natural process where trained adult are supportive to children in their natural learning process! Thus the Parent of every children must take care before 7 years of age and expose them to prepared experiential Montessori environment or any such environment which creates the space for child to learn by natural process on their own pace!

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