How to identify Best Play Group/Play School and Pre- School at KK Nagar, Chennai

How To Identify the Best Early Education for a ChildPre-School, Play School, Play Group

We need to discuss on two points namely from Child Perspective


Taking into the account environment we can classify them according to child’s perceptive asStructured, Unstructured & Clustered. For eg: Home is a structured environment for adults to do their activities smoothly, whereas it is not designed for child’s convenience.  When we go out to mall, beach, hotels there are lots of elements on the roads – which is very curious for the child to watch but becomes clustered for his brain absorption.

A Structured environment for child means an area-which offers them many things or materials with safety standards to explore on various levels. Every Child is a natural scientist because they keep on exploring things using their five senses completely unlike us. If the atmosphere is not allowing the child to explore their energy level, they become frustrated and starts becoming aggressive. So allow a PlaySchool or PlayGroup and Pre-School which will allow the Child to Explore the Structured Environment. From here we can start about the next point brain development


During the time of infancy i.e., between 0 to 2 years child will be more about liking to make bodily movement at different levels like turning back, sitting, crawling, standing, walking and running etc all are about physical development. During this time brain takes it complete shape in a small size, once 2 years is completed brain starts expanding like a balloon allowing the child to explore more & more and store it in by muscular memory…..(i.e.) experiential learning. This expansion of brain takes place till the age of 7 years.

          This is the most important time when you have to offer him a PlaySchool or Play group and Pre-School with Child centric, Structured environment along with Individual attention curriculum. Once during this period if you can identify appropriate pre-school and give him the fundamentals of practical life, mathematics, logical reasons, creatively, sensorial activity, gross motor, skills it will be stored as a software coding in brain  & this will give him the best of understanding capacity& memory power at advanced level. Also this will add to acquiring self-confidence, strength to face the competition and so on and on & on….

I personally wish every parent must give this fundamental foundation appropriately at early age to prevent the child from the stress of TUITION after 6th and 7th standard. Maximum of tuition going student will be having a problem in understanding, memory or grasping power. This experiential learning will offer him the outstanding level of skills making him avoid the stress of TUITION. So make the foundation stronger and make him ready to face any kind of syllabus and situations across the Globe.

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